A Flood of Microbial Genomes–Do We Need More?

  • Niyaz Ahmed mail

    Affiliation: Pathogen Biology Laboratory, Department of Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

  • Published: June 09, 2009
  • DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0005831
  • Published in PLOS ONE

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Well done, Niyaz!

Posted by Adam on 09 Jun 2009 at 22:14 GMT

Beautifully stated. PLoS ONE is the perfect forum for genome papers like these!

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RE: Well done, Niyaz!

NiyazAhmed replied to Adam on 19 Jun 2009 at 05:48 GMT

Adam, Many thanks for your encouragement.

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