Table of Contents: PLOS and DNDi: A Decade of Open Access and NTD R&D


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In 2013, PLOS and DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative) celebrate their 10th Anniversaries: a decade of Open Access publishing and a decade of research and development for drugs for neglected diseases. During the last 10 years, PLOS journals have published numerous articles on this topic, many of which were authored by DNDi researchers.

This Collection showcases some of the most important papers published on R&D of drugs for neglected tropical diseases over the last decade – including papers from PLOS Medicine, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases and PLOS ONE – and show the myriad aspects of the work of DNDi and PLOS, from advocacy, innovation, drug research and distribution and, particularly, the importance of publishing such content in Open Access journals.

For further information about this Collection, please watch the Collection announcement at the Institut Pasteur here.

PLOS Collections:


An Unfolding Tragedy of Chagas Disease in North America

Peter J. Hotez, Eric Dumonteil, Miguel Betancourt Cravioto, Maria Elena Bottazzi, Roberto Tapia-Conyer, Sheba Meymandi, Unni Karunakara, Isabela Ribeiro, Rachel M. Cohen, Bernard Pecoul

The PLoS Medicine Debate

Are Patents Impeding Medical Care and Innovation?

E. Richard Gold, Warren Kaplan, James Orbinski, Sarah Harland-Logan, Sevil N-Marandi


Innovative Partnerships for Drug Discovery against Neglected Diseases

Palle H. Jakobsen, Ming-Wei Wang, Solomon Nwaka

NECT Is Next: Implementing the New Drug Combination Therapy for Trypanosoma brucei gambiense Sleeping Sickness

Oliver Yun, Gerardo Priotto, Jacqueline Tong, Laurence Flevaud, François Chappuis

Neglected Diseases

Health in Action

Developing ANDI: A Novel Approach to Health Product R&D in Africa

Solomon Nwaka, Tshinko B. Ilunga, Jorge Santos Da Silva, Emiliano Rial Verde, Doan Hackley, Raymond De Vré, Tom Mboya-Okeyo, Robert G. Ridley

Policy Platform

New, Improved Treatments for Chagas Disease: From the R&D Pipeline to the Patients

Isabela Ribeiro, Ann-Marie Sevcsik, Fabiana Alves, Graciela Diap, Robert Don, Michael O. Harhay, Shing Chang, Bernard Pecoul

Policy Forum

Registering New Drugs for Low-Income Countries: The African Challenge

Mary Moran, Nathalie Strub-Wourgaft, Javier Guzman, Pascale Boulet, Lindsey Wu, Bernard Pecoul

Research Articles

Agrochemicals against Malaria, Sleeping Sickness, Leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease

Matthias Witschel, Matthias Rottmann, Marcel Kaiser, Reto Brun

Leishmaniasis Worldwide and Global Estimates of Its Incidence

Jorge Alvar, Iván D. Vélez, Caryn Bern, Mercé Herrero, Philippe Desjeux, Jorge Cano, Jean Jannin, Margriet den Boer , the WHO Leishmaniasis Control Team

Integrated Dataset of Screening Hits against Multiple Neglected Disease Pathogens

Solomon Nwaka, Dominique Besson, Bernadette Ramirez, Louis Maes, An Matheeussen, Quentin Bickle, Nuha R. Mansour, Fouad Yousif, Simon Townson, Suzanne Gokool, Fidelis Cho-Ngwa, Moses Samje, Shailja Misra-Bhattacharya, P. K. Murthy, Foluke Fakorede, Jean-Marc Paris, Clive Yeates, Robert Ridley, Wesley C. Van Voorhis, Timothy Geary

Potential Drug Development Candidates for Human Soil-Transmitted Helminthiases

Piero Olliaro, Jürg Seiler, Annette Kuesel, John Horton, Jeffrey N. Clark, Robert Don, Jennifer Keiser

Development of and Access to Products for Neglected Diseases

Joshua Cohen, Maria Staroselsky Dibner, Andrew Wilson