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Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system and is an interdisciplinary biological science that extends across multiple fields, including, chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, and psychology.

This collection represents a first step in gathering under easily identifiable rubrics some of the most recent neuroscience research published across the PLOS journals. The Collection has been organized into broad categories in response to the commonly articulated request from our users that we provide more structured and efficient access to papers of interest in the PLOS corpus. This section includes papers about Emotion.

Articles in the Neuroscience Collection are presented in order of publication date. New articles will be added as they are published.

PLOS welcomes submissions in this field.

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Research Articles

Voluntary Enhancement of Neural Signatures of Affiliative Emotion Using fMRI Neurofeedback

Jorge Moll, Julie H. Weingartner, Patricia Bado, Rodrigo Basilio, João R. Sato, Bruno R. Melo, Ivanei E. Bramati, Ricardo de Oliveira-Souza, Roland Zahn

Increased Amygdala Response to Shame in Remitted Major Depressive Disorder

Erdem Pulcu, Karen Lythe, Rebecca Elliott, Sophie Green, Jorge Moll, John F. W. Deakin, Roland Zahn

Effects of Emotional Contexts on Cerebello-Thalamo-Cortical Activity during Action Observation

Viridiana Mazzola, Patrik Vuilleumier, Valeria Latorre, Annamaria Petito, Vittorio Gallese, Teresa Popolizio, Giampiero Arciero, Guido Bondolfi

Emotional Processing of Personally Familiar Faces in the Vegetative State

Haggai Sharon, Yotam Pasternak, Eti Ben Simon, Michal Gruberger, Nir Giladi, Ben Zion Krimchanski, David Hassin, Talma Hendler

Identifying Emotions on the Basis of Neural Activation

Karim S. Kassam, Amanda R. Markey, Vladimir L. Cherkassky, George Loewenstein, Marcel Adam Just

Emotional Valence and the Free-Energy Principle

Mateus Joffily, Giorgio Coricelli

Sleep Promotes Consolidation of Emotional Memory in Healthy Children but Not in Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Alexander Prehn-Kristensen, Manuel Munz, Ina Molzow, Ines Wilhelm, Christian D. Wiesner, Lioba Baving

Relationships among Facial Mimicry, Emotional Experience, and Emotion Recognition

Wataru Sato, Tomomi Fujimura, Takanori Kochiyama, Naoto Suzuki

Sleep Debt Elicits Negative Emotional Reaction through Diminished Amygdala-Anterior Cingulate Functional Connectivity

Yuki Motomura, Shingo Kitamura, Kentaro Oba, Yuri Terasawa, Minori Enomoto, Yasuko Katayose, Akiko Hida, Yoshiya Moriguchi, Shigekazu Higuchi, Kazuo Mishima

Unconsciously Triggered Emotional Conflict by Emotional Facial Expressions

Jun Jiang, Kira Bailey, Antao Chen, Qian Cui, Qinglin Zhang

Effects of AKAP5 Pro100Leu Genotype on Working Memory for Emotional Stimuli

Sylvia Richter, Xenia Gorny, Judith Machts, Gusalija Behnisch, Torsten Wüstenberg, Maike C. Herbort, Thomas F. Münte, Constanze I. Seidenbecher, Björn H. Schott

Distinct Contributions of the Dorsolateral Prefrontal and Orbitofrontal Cortex during Emotion Regulation

Armita Golkar, Tina B. Lonsdorf, Andreas Olsson, Kara M. Lindstrom, Jonathan Berrebi, Peter Fransson, Martin Schalling, Martin Ingvar, Arne Öhman

Neural Processing of Emotional Facial and Semantic Expressions in Euthymic Bipolar Disorder (BD) and Its Association with Theory of Mind (ToM)

Agustin Ibanez, Hugo Urquina, Agustín Petroni, Sandra Baez, Vladimir Lopez, Micaela do Nascimento, Eduar Herrera, Raphael Guex, Esteban Hurtado, Alejandro Blenkmann, Leandro Beltrachini, Carlos Gelormini, Mariano Sigman, Alicia Lischinsky, Teresa Torralva, Fernando Torrente, Marcelo Cetkovich, Facundo Manes

Recognizing Biological Motion and Emotions from Point-Light Displays in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Evelien Nackaerts, Johan Wagemans, Werner Helsen, Stephan P. Swinnen, Nicole Wenderoth, Kaat Alaerts

Alexithymia and the Processing of Emotional Facial Expressions (EFEs): Systematic Review, Unanswered Questions and Further Perspectives

Delphine Grynberg, Betty Chang, Olivier Corneille, Pierre Maurage, Nicolas Vermeulen, Sylvie Berthoz, Olivier Luminet

Gamma Activation in Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Typically-Developing Controls When Viewing Emotions on Faces

Barry Wright, Ben Alderson-Day, Garreth Prendergast, Sophie Bennett, Jo Jordan, Clare Whitton, Andre Gouws, Nick Jones, Ram Attur, Heather Tomlinson, Gary Green

Effects of Acute MDMA Intoxication on Mood and Impulsivity: Role of the 5-HT2 and 5-HT1 Receptors

Janelle H. P. van Wel, Kim P. C. Kuypers, Eef L. Theunissen, Wendy M. Bosker, Katja Bakker, Johannes G. Ramaekers

Real-Time Self-Regulation of Emotion Networks in Patients with Depression

David E. J. Linden, Isabelle Habes, Stephen J. Johnston, Stefanie Linden, Ranjit Tatineni, Leena Subramanian, Bettina Sorger, David Healy, Rainer Goebel

How the Emotional Content of Discourse Affects Language Comprehension

Laura Jiménez-Ortega, Manuel Martín-Loeches, Pilar Casado, Alejandra Sel, Sabela Fondevila, Pilar Herreros de Tejada, Annekathrin Schacht, Werner Sommer

Introspective Minds: Using ALE Meta-Analyses to Study Commonalities in the Neural Correlates of Emotional Processing, Social & Unconstrained Cognition

Leonhard Schilbach, Danilo Bzdok, Bert Timmermans, Peter T. Fox, Angela R. Laird, Kai Vogeley, Simon B. Eickhoff

The Vividness of Happiness in Dynamic Facial Displays of Emotion

D. Vaughn Becker, Rebecca Neel, Narayanan Srinivasan, Samantha Neufeld, Devpriya Kumar, Shannon Fouse