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Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system and is an interdisciplinary biological science that extends across multiple fields, including, chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, and psychology.

This collection represents a first step in gathering under easily identifiable rubrics some of the most recent neuroscience research published across the PLOS journals. The Collection has been organized into broad categories in response to the commonly articulated request from our users that we provide more structured and efficient access to papers of interest in the PLOS corpus. This section includes papers about Connectomics.

Articles in the Neuroscience Collection are presented in order of publication date. New articles will be added as they are published.

PLOS welcomes submissions in this field.

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Research Articles

Task-Based Core-Periphery Organization of Human Brain Dynamics

Danielle S. Bassett, Nicholas F. Wymbs, M. Puck Rombach, Mason A. Porter, Peter J. Mucha, Scott T. Grafton

An Evaluation of the Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain Hypothesis with Resting State Functional Connectivity Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Jared A. Nielsen, Brandon A. Zielinski, Michael A. Ferguson, Janet E. Lainhart, Jeffrey S. Anderson

Decreased Functional Brain Connectivity in Adolescents with Internet Addiction

Soon-Beom Hong, Andrew Zalesky, Luca Cocchi, Alex Fornito, Eun-Jung Choi, Ho-Hyun Kim, Jeong-Eun Suh, Chang-Dai Kim, Jae-Won Kim, Soon-Hyung Yi

Topological Organization of Functional Brain Networks in Healthy Children: Differences in Relation to Age, Sex, and Intelligence

Kai Wu, Yasuyuki Taki, Kazunori Sato, Hiroshi Hashizume, Yuko Sassa, Hikaru Takeuchi, Benjamin Thyreau, Yong He, Alan C. Evans, Xiaobo Li, Ryuta Kawashima, Hiroshi Fukuda

Identification of a Functional Connectome for Long-Term Fear Memory in Mice

Anne L. Wheeler, Cátia M. Teixeira, Afra H. Wang, Xuejian Xiong, Natasa Kovacevic, Jason P. Lerch, Anthony R. McIntosh, John Parkinson, Paul W. Frankland

Regional Homogeneity within the Default Mode Network in Bipolar Depression: A Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Chun-Hong Liu, Xin Ma, Feng Li, Yong-Jun Wang, Chang-Le Tie, Su-Fang Li, Tao-Lin Chen, Ting-ting Fan, Yu Zhang, Jie Dong, Li Yao, Xia Wu, Chuan-Yue Wang

Age-Related Changes in Task Related Functional Network Connectivity

Jason Steffener, Christian G. Habeck, Yaakov Stern

Activity Dependent Degeneration Explains Hub Vulnerability in Alzheimer's Disease

Willem de Haan, Katherine Mott, Elisabeth C. W. van Straaten, Philip Scheltens, Cornelis J. Stam

Cognitive Dysfunction in Early Multiple Sclerosis: Altered Centrality Derived from Resting-State Functional Connectivity Using Magneto-Encephalography

Martin Hardmeier, Menno M. Schoonheim, Jeroen J. G. Geurts, Arjan Hillebrand, Chris H. Polman, Frederik Barkhof, Cornelis J. Stam

Clustering of Resting State Networks

Megan H. Lee, Carl D. Hacker, Abraham Z. Snyder, Maurizio Corbetta, Dongyang Zhang, Eric C. Leuthardt, Joshua S. Shimony

Reduction in Inter-Hemispheric Connectivity in Disorders of Consciousness

Smadar Ovadia-Caro, Yuval Nir, Andrea Soddu, Michal Ramot, Guido Hesselmann, Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse, Ilan Dinstein, Jean-Flory L. Tshibanda, Melanie Boly, Michal Harel, Steven Laureys, Rafael Malach

Mapping Connectivity Damage in the Case of Phineas Gage

John Darrell Van Horn, Andrei Irimia, Carinna M. Torgerson, Micah C. Chambers, Ron Kikinis, Arthur W. Toga

Anatomical Connectivity Influences both Intra- and Inter-Brain Synchronizations

Guillaume Dumas, Mario Chavez, Jacqueline Nadel, Jacques Martinerie

Resting-State Functional Connectivity between Fronto-Parietal and Default Mode Networks in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Emily R. Stern, Kate D. Fitzgerald, Robert C. Welsh, James L. Abelson, Stephan F. Taylor

Hemispheric Asymmetry in White Matter Connectivity of the Temporoparietal Junction with the Insula and Prefrontal Cortex

Aaron Kucyi, Massieh Moayedi, Irit Weissman-Fogel, Mojgan Hodaie, Karen D. Davis

Disrupted Small-World Brain Networks in Moderate Alzheimer's Disease: A Resting-State fMRI Study

Xiaohu Zhao, Yong Liu, Xiangbin Wang, Bing Liu, Qian Xi, Qihao Guo, Hong Jiang, Tianzi Jiang, Peijun Wang

Towards the “Baby Connectome”: Mapping the Structural Connectivity of the Newborn Brain

Olga Tymofiyeva, Christopher P. Hess, Etay Ziv, Nan Tian, Sonia L. Bonifacio, Patrick S. McQuillen, Donna M. Ferriero, A. James Barkovich, Duan Xu

Introspective Minds: Using ALE Meta-Analyses to Study Commonalities in the Neural Correlates of Emotional Processing, Social & Unconstrained Cognition

Leonhard Schilbach, Danilo Bzdok, Bert Timmermans, Peter T. Fox, Angela R. Laird, Kai Vogeley, Simon B. Eickhoff

Comprehensive in vivo Mapping of the Human Basal Ganglia and Thalamic Connectome in Individuals Using 7T MRI

Christophe Lenglet, Aviva Abosch, Essa Yacoub, Federico De Martino, Guillermo Sapiro, Noam Harel