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Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system and is an interdisciplinary biological science that extends across multiple fields, including, chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, and psychology.

This collection represents a first step in gathering under easily identifiable rubrics some of the most recent neuroscience research published across the PLOS journals. The Collection has been organized into broad categories in response to the commonly articulated request from our users that we provide more structured and efficient access to papers of interest in the PLOS corpus. This section includes papers about perception.

Articles in the Neuroscience Collection are presented in order of publication date. New articles will be added as they are published.

PLOS welcomes submissions in this field.

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Research Articles

Neural Extrapolation of Motion for a Ball Rolling Down an Inclined Plane

Barbara La Scaleia, Francesco Lacquaniti, Myrka Zago

Beta, but Not Gamma, Band Oscillations Index Visual Form-Motion Integration

Charles Aissani, Jacques Martinerie, Lydia Yahia-Cherif, Anne-Lise Paradis, Jean Lorenceau

The Marble-Hand Illusion

Irene Senna, Angelo Maravita, Nadia Bolognini, Cesare V. Parise

A Neurocomputational Model of the Mismatch Negativity

Falk Lieder, Klaas E. Stephan, Jean Daunizeau, Marta I. Garrido, Karl J. Friston

Predicting Odor Perceptual Similarity from Odor Structure

Kobi Snitz, Adi Yablonka, Tali Weiss, Idan Frumin, Rehan M. Khan, Noam Sobel

Different Cortical Dynamics in Face and Body Perception: An MEG study

Hanneke K. M. Meeren, Beatrice de Gelder, Seppo P. Ahlfors, Matti S. Hämäläinen, Nouchine Hadjikhani

Multiplexing Stimulus Information through Rate and Temporal Codes in Primate Somatosensory Cortex

Michael A. Harvey, Hannes P. Saal, John F. Dammann III, Sliman J. Bensmaia

Alpha-Band Rhythms in Visual Task Performance: Phase-Locking by Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation

Tom A. de Graaf, Joachim Gross, Gavin Paterson, Tessa Rusch, Alexander T. Sack, Gregor Thut

Modelling the Emergence and Dynamics of Perceptual Organisation in Auditory Streaming

Robert W. Mill, Tamás M. Bőhm, Alexandra Bendixen, István Winkler, Susan L. Denham

Non-Attended Representations are Perceptual Rather than Unconscious in Nature

Annelinde R. E. Vandenbroucke, Ilja G. Sligte, Johannes J. Fahrenfort, Klaudia B. Ambroziak, Victor A. F. Lamme

Music in Our Ears: The Biological Bases of Musical Timbre Perception

Kailash Patil, Daniel Pressnitzer, Shihab Shamma, Mounya Elhilali

Dissociation of Detection and Discrimination of Pure Tones following Bilateral Lesions of Auditory Cortex

Andrew R. Dykstra, Christine K. Koh, Louis D. Braida, Mark Jude Tramo

Decoding Reveals Plasticity in V3A as a Result of Motion Perceptual Learning

Kazuhisa Shibata, Li-Hung Chang, Dongho Kim, José E. Náñez Sr, Yukiyasu Kamitani, Takeo Watanabe, Yuka Sasaki

Preserved Self-Awareness following Extensive Bilateral Brain Damage to the Insula, Anterior Cingulate, and Medial Prefrontal Cortices

Carissa L. Philippi, Justin S. Feinstein, Sahib S. Khalsa, Antonio Damasio, Daniel Tranel, Gregory Landini, Kenneth Williford, David Rudrauf

Orienting Attention Modulates Pain Perception: An ERP Study

Sam C. C. Chan, Chetwyn C. H. Chan, Anne S. K. Kwan, Kin-hung Ting, Tak-yi Chui

Pseudo-Synesthesia through Reading Books with Colored Letters

Olympia Colizoli, Jaap M. J. Murre, Romke Rouw

The Validity of d′ Measures

Astrid Vermeiren, Axel Cleeremans