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Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system and is an interdisciplinary biological science that extends across multiple fields, including, chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, and psychology.

This collection represents a first step in gathering under easily identifiable rubrics some of the most recent neuroscience research published across the PLOS journals. The Collection has been organized into broad categories in response to the commonly articulated request from our users that we provide more structured and efficient access to papers of interest in the PLOS corpus. This section includes papers about Diffusion MRI.

PLOS welcomes submissions in this field.

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Research Articles

Secondary Progressive and Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Leads to Motor-Related Decreased Anatomical Connectivity

Mark Lyksborg, Hartwig R. Siebner, Per S. Sørensen, Morten Blinkenberg, Geoff J. M. Parker, Anne-Marie Dogonowski, Ellen Garde, Rasmus Larsen, Tim B. Dyrby

Comparative Analysis of the Macroscale Structural Connectivity in the Macaque and Human Brain

Alexandros Goulas, Matteo Bastiani, Gleb Bezgin, Harry B. M. Uylings, Alard Roebroeck, Peter Stiers

Diffusion Microscopist Simulator: A General Monte Carlo Simulation System for Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chun-Hung Yeh, Benoît Schmitt, Denis Le Bihan, Jing-Rebecca Li-Schlittgen, Ching-Po Lin, Cyril Poupon

Increased Global and Local Efficiency of Human Brain Anatomical Networks Detected with FLAIR-DTI Compared to Non-FLAIR-DTI

Shumei Li, Bin Wang, Pengfei Xu, Qixiang Lin, Gaolang Gong, Xiaoling Peng, Yuanyuan Fan, Yong He, Ruiwang Huang

Beyond Cytoarchitectonics: The Internal and External Connectivity Structure of the Caudate Nucleus

Sonja A. Kotz, Alfred Anwander, Hubertus Axer, Thomas R. Knösche

Using High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging Data to Discriminate Cortical Regions

Zoltan Nagy, Daniel C. Alexander, David L. Thomas, Nikolaus Weiskopf, Martin I. Sereno

Accelerating Fibre Orientation Estimation from Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using GPUs

Moisés Hernández, Ginés D. Guerrero, José M. Cecilia, José M. García, Alberto Inuggi, Saad Jbabdi, Timothy E. J. Behrens, Stamatios N. Sotiropoulos

Mapping Cortico-Striatal Connectivity onto the Cortical Surface: A New Tractography-Based Approach to Study Huntington Disease

Linda Marrakchi-Kacem, Christine Delmaire, Pamela Guevara, Fabrice Poupon, Sophie Lecomte, Alan Tucholka, Pauline Roca, Jérôme Yelnik, Alexandra Durr, Jean-François Mangin, Stéphane Lehéricy, Cyril Poupon

The Connectome Mapper: An Open-Source Processing Pipeline to Map Connectomes with MRI

Alessandro Daducci, Stephan Gerhard, Alessandra Griffa, Alia Lemkaddem, Leila Cammoun, Xavier Gigandet, Reto Meuli, Patric Hagmann, Jean-Philippe Thiran

Tract Profiles of White Matter Properties: Automating Fiber-Tract Quantification

Jason D. Yeatman, Robert F. Dougherty, Nathaniel J. Myall, Brian A. Wandell, Heidi M. Feldman

Improving DTI Tractography by including Diagonal Tract Propagation

Paul A. Taylor, Kuan-Hung Cho, Ching-Po Lin, Bharat B. Biswal

Improved Sensitivity to Cerebral White Matter Abnormalities in Alzheimer’s Disease with Spherical Deconvolution Based Tractography

Yael D. Reijmer, Alexander Leemans, Sophie M. Heringa, Ilse Wielaard, Ben Jeurissen, Huiberdina L. Koek, Geert Jan Biessels

The Influence of Spatial Registration on Detection of Cerebral Asymmetries Using Voxel-Based Statistics of Fractional Anisotropy Images and TBSS

Siawoosh Mohammadi, Simon S. Keller, Volkmar Glauche, Harald Kugel, Andreas Jansen, Chloe Hutton, Agnes Flöel, Michael Deppe

Influence of Corpus Callosum Damage on Cognition and Physical Disability in Multiple Sclerosis: A Multimodal Study

Sara Llufriu, Yolanda Blanco, Eloy Martinez-Heras, Jordi Casanova-Molla, Iñigo Gabilondo, Maria Sepulveda, Carles Falcon, Joan Berenguer, Nuria Bargallo, Pablo Villoslada, Francesc Graus, Josep Valls-Sole, Albert Saiz

Assessing Corpus Callosum Changes in Alzheimer's Disease: Comparison between Tract-Based Spatial Statistics and Atlas-Based Tractography

Maria Giulia Preti, Francesca Baglio, Maria Marcella Laganà, Ludovica Griffanti, Raffaello Nemni, Mario Clerici, Marco Bozzali, Giuseppe Baselli

Hemispheric Asymmetry in White Matter Connectivity of the Temporoparietal Junction with the Insula and Prefrontal Cortex

Aaron Kucyi, Massieh Moayedi, Irit Weissman-Fogel, Mojgan Hodaie, Karen D. Davis

Tract Specific Reproducibility of Tractography Based Morphology and Diffusion Metrics

René M. H. Besseling, Jacobus F. A. Jansen, Geke M. Overvliet, Maarten J. Vaessen, Hilde M. H. Braakman, Paul A. M. Hofman, Albert P. Aldenkamp, Walter H. Backes

Using Support Vector Machines with Multiple Indices of Diffusion for Automated Classification of Mild Cognitive Impairment

Laurence O'Dwyer, Franck Lamberton, Arun L. W. Bokde, Michael Ewers, Yetunde O. Faluyi, Colby Tanner, Bernard Mazoyer, Desmond O'Neill, Máiréad Bartley, D. Rónán Collins, Tara Coughlan, David Prvulovic, Harald Hampel

Comprehensive in vivo Mapping of the Human Basal Ganglia and Thalamic Connectome in Individuals Using 7T MRI

Christophe Lenglet, Aviva Abosch, Essa Yacoub, Federico De Martino, Guillermo Sapiro, Noam Harel