Table of Contents: Anatomy, Functional Morphology and Energetics


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This section of the Marine Megafauna collection provides examples of studies addressing the anatomy, functional morphology and energetics of large ocean organisms, highlighting the constaints of living in the ocean and how these organisms overcome these constraints.

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Research Articles

Scaling of Soaring Seabirds and Implications for Flight Abilities of Giant Pterosaurs

Katsufumi Sato, Kentaro Q. Sakamoto, Yutaka Watanuki, Akinori Takahashi, Nobuhiro Katsumata, Charles-André Bost, Henri Weimerskirch

Cost of Living Dictates what Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises Eat: The Importance of Prey Quality on Predator Foraging Strategies

Jérôme Spitz, Andrew W. Trites, Vanessa Becquet, Anik Brind'Amour, Yves Cherel, Robert Galois, Vincent Ridoux

Behaviour and Physiology: The Thermal Strategy of Leatherback Turtles

Brian L. Bostrom, T. Todd Jones, Mervin Hastings, David R. Jones

Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta caretta) Use Vision to Forage on Gelatinous Prey in Mid-Water

Tomoko Narazaki, Katsufumi Sato, Kyler J. Abernathy, Greg J. Marshall, Nobuyuki Miyazaki

Thresher Sharks Use Tail-Slaps as a Hunting Strategy

Simon P. Oliver, John R. Turner, Klemens Gann, Medel Silvosa, Tim D'Urban Jackson

Coordinated Movements Prevent Jamming in an Emperor Penguin Huddle

Daniel P. Zitterbart, Barbara Wienecke, James P. Butler, Ben Fabry

“Freshwater Killer Whales”: Beaching Behavior of an Alien Fish to Hunt Land Birds

Julien Cucherousset, Stéphanie Boulêtreau, Frédéric Azémar, Arthur Compin, Mathieu Guillaume, Frédéric Santoul

Blood Oxygen Depletion Is Independent of Dive Function in a Deep Diving Vertebrate, the Northern Elephant Seal

Jessica U. Meir, Patrick W. Robinson, L. Ignacio Vilchis, Gerald L. Kooyman, Daniel P. Costa, Paul J. Ponganis

Fused Traditional and Geometric Morphometrics Demonstrate Pinniped Whisker Diversity

Carly C. Ginter, Thomas J. DeWitt, Frank E. Fish, Christopher D. Marshall

Biomechanical Consequences of Rapid Evolution in the Polar Bear Lineage

Graham J. Slater, Borja Figueirido, Leeann Louis, Paul Yang, Blaire Van Valkenburgh

High Source Levels and Small Active Space of High-Pitched Song in Bowhead Whales (Balaena mysticetus)

Outi M. Tervo, Mads F. Christoffersen, Malene Simon, Lee A. Miller, Frants H. Jensen, Susan E. Parks, Peter T. Madsen

Massive Consumption of Gelatinous Plankton by Mediterranean Apex Predators

Luis Cardona, Irene Álvarez de Quevedo, Assumpció Borrell, Alex Aguilar

Mitogenomic Phylogenetics of Fin Whales (Balaenoptera physalus spp.): Genetic Evidence for Revision of Subspecies

Frederick I. Archer, Phillip A. Morin, Brittany L. Hancock-Hanser, Kelly M. Robertson, Matthew S. Leslie, Martine Bérubé, Simone Panigada, Barbara L. Taylor

Effect of Angle on Flow-Induced Vibrations of Pinniped Vibrissae

Christin T. Murphy, William C. Eberhardt, Benton H. Calhoun, Kenneth A. Mann, David A. Mann

Feeding Kinematics, Suction, and Hydraulic Jetting Performance of Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina)

Christopher D. Marshall, Sven Wieskotten, Wolf Hanke, Frederike D. Hanke, Alyssa Marsh, Brian Kot, Guido Dehnhardt