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Table of Contents: Synthetic Biology Collection: Protein Engineering


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Synthetic Biology is an emerging, trans-disciplinary field at the intersection between many engineering and scientific disciplines such as biology, chemical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, and computer science.

This section of the Synthetic Biology Collection details papers related to protein engineering.

Articles in the Synthetic Biology Collection are presented in order of publication date and new articles will be added as they are published. PLOS welcome submissions in this field.

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Research Articles

Protein Design Using Continuous Rotamers

Pablo Gainza, Kyle E. Roberts, Bruce R. Donald

OmniChange: The Sequence Independent Method for Simultaneous Site-Saturation of Five Codons

Alexander Dennig, Amol V. Shivange, Jan Marienhagen, Ulrich Schwaneberg

Programmable Ligand Detection System in Plants through a Synthetic Signal Transduction Pathway

Mauricio S. Antunes, Kevin J. Morey, J. Jeff Smith, Kirk D. Albrecht, Tessa A. Bowen, Jeffrey K. Zdunek, Jared F. Troupe, Matthew J. Cuneo, Colleen T. Webb, Homme W. Hellinga, June I. Medford

De Novo Designed Proteins from a Library of Artificial Sequences Function in Escherichia Coli and Enable Cell Growth

Michael A. Fisher, Kara L. McKinley, Luke H. Bradley, Sara R. Viola, Michael H. Hecht

Characterization of Engineered Actin Binding Proteins That Control Filament Assembly and Structure

Crista M. Brawley, Serdar Uysal, Anthony A. Kossiakoff, Ronald S. Rock

A Man-Made ATP-Binding Protein Evolved Independent of Nature Causes Abnormal Growth in Bacterial Cells

Joshua M. Stomel, James W. Wilson, Megan A. León, Phillip Stafford, John C. Chaput

Synthetic Biology of Proteins: Tuning GFPs Folding and Stability with Fluoroproline

Thomas Steiner, Petra Hess, Jae Hyun Bae, Birgit Wiltschi, Luis Moroder, Nediljko Budisa