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Synthetic Biology is an emerging, trans-disciplinary field at the intersection between many engineering and scientific disciplines such as biology, chemical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, and computer science.

This section of the Synthetic Biology Collection details papers related to Methods & Instruments.

Articles in the Synthetic Biology Collection are presented in order of publication date and new articles will be added as they are published. PLOS welcome submissions in this field.

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Research Articles

A Multi-Platform Flow Device for Microbial (Co-) Cultivation and Microscopic Analysis

Matthijn C. Hesselman, Dorett I. Odoni, Brendan M. Ryback, Suzette de Groot, Ruben G. A. van Heck, Jaap Keijsers, Pim Kolkman, David Nieuwenhuijse, Youri M. van Nuland, Erik Sebus, Rob Spee, Hugo de Vries, Marten T. Wapenaar, Colin J. Ingham, Karin Schroën, Vítor A. P. Martins dos Santos, Sebastiaan K. Spaans, Floor Hugenholtz, Mark W. J. van Passel

A Modified Consumer Inkjet for Spatiotemporal Control of Gene Expression

Daniel J. Cohen, Roberto C. Morfino, Michel M. Maharbiz