Table of Contents: Advances in HIV Mucosal Immunology: Challenges and Opportunities


Image Credit: Artistic rendition of immune cells and potential HIV targets in the rectal mucosal. Yang, Ochoa, Preza & Anton, 2014
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Without reliable methods to evaluate how the mucosal immune system responds to an experimental HIV vaccine, important information about how well that vaccine worked - and how to improve the next one - is missed.

The HIV Mucosal Immunology Group (MIG) was established to address the challenge of assessing the impact of potential HIV vaccines on the mucosal immune system. The MIG comprises a group of expert scientists who are coordinating their efforts to improve mucosal sampling, specimen storage and assay technologies, with emphasis on methods that gain maximum information from limited amounts of mucosal secretions, cells and tissues.

The Advances in Mucosal Immunology: Challenges and Opportunities Collection reports the results of the efforts of MIG investigators, providing important, practical details on studying immune responses in the genital and rectal mucosa, which will help guide future studies of HIV prevention with vaccines and topical microbicides.

The Collection image is an artistic rendition of Lymphocytes (orange), macrophages (purple), dendritic cells (green) and Langerhans-like cells (red) overlaid onto a confocal microscopic image from a sectioned rectal mucosal biopsy, using DAPI-staining of cell nuclei. The mucosal epithelial cells are represented by the string of blue nuclei at the top.

New papers will be added to this Collection on a regular basis.

Collection Citation: Advances in HIV Mucosal Immunology: Challenges and Opportunities (2014)

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Differential Blood and Mucosal Immune Responses against an HIV-1 Vaccine Administered via Inguinal or Deltoid Injection

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Optimizing Viable Leukocyte Sampling from the Female Genital Tract for Clinical Trials: An International Multi-Site Study

Lyle R. McKinnon, Sean M. Hughes, Stephen C. De Rosa, Jeffrey A. Martinson, Jill Plants, Kirsten E. Brady, Pamela P. Gumbi, Devin J. Adams, Lucia Vojtech, Christine G. Galloway, Michael Fialkow, Gretchen Lentz, Dayong Gao, Zhiquan Shu, Billy Nyanga, Preston Izulla, Joshua Kimani, Steve Kimwaki, Alfred Bere, Zoe Moodie, Alan L. Landay, Jo-Ann S. Passmore, Rupert Kaul, Richard M. Novak, M. Juliana McElrath, Florian Hladik

Unbiased Proteomics Analysis Demonstrates Significant Variability in Mucosal Immune Factor Expression Depending on the Site and Method of Collection

Kenzie M. Birse, Adam Burgener, Garrett R. Westmacott, Stuart McCorrister, Richard M. Novak, T. Blake Ball

HIV-1 Nef Sequence and Functional Compartmentalization in the Gut Is Not Due to Differential Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Selective Pressure

Martha J. Lewis, Patricia Frohnen, F. Javier Ibarrondo, Diane Reed, Varun Iyer, Hwee L. Ng, Julie Elliott, Otto O. Yang, Peter Anton