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This Collection presents some of the recent advances in biogeography and taxonomy within deep-sea chemosynthetic environments: patterns, processes, and synthesis resulting from the Census of Marine Life ChEss Program (2002-2010). Over 110 ChEss researchers have studied various elements of the biogeography of species from deep-water hydrothermal vents, cold seeps, and whale falls, to oxygen minimum zones. Through their concerted efforts our knowledge of these extraordinary habitats and their faunal composition has been greatly expanded. An overall synthesis paper by the ChEss Office summarises the ChEss program and the collection contributions.

Links within each paper are made to additional information sources, including ChEssBase - the most comprehensive database of species described from deep-sea chemosynthetic habitats and the Encyclopedia of Life which has detailed descriptions of each of the species mentioned in the collection.

Articles are presented in order of publication date and new articles will be added to the ChEss collection as they are published, up to and beyond the end of the first Census of Marine Life in December 2010.

Collection Citation: PLoS ONE: Biogeography of Deep-Water Chemosynthetic Ecosystems - The ChEss Collection (2010) PLoS Collections:


Deep-Water Chemosynthetic Ecosystem Research during the Census of Marine Life Decade and Beyond: A Proposed Deep-Ocean Road Map

Christopher R. German, Eva Ramirez-Llodra, Maria C. Baker, Paul A. Tyler , and the ChEss Scientific Steering Committee

Man and the Last Great Wilderness: Human Impact on the Deep Sea

Eva Ramirez-Llodra, Paul A. Tyler, Maria C. Baker, Odd Aksel Bergstad, Malcolm R. Clark, Elva Escobar, Lisa A. Levin, Lenaick Menot, Ashley A. Rowden, Craig R. Smith, Cindy L. Van Dover

New Perspectives on the Ecology and Evolution of Siboglinid Tubeworms

Ana Hilário, María Capa, Thomas G. Dahlgren, Kenneth M. Halanych, Crispin T. S. Little, Daniel J. Thornhill, Caroline Verna, Adrian G. Glover

Research Articles

Cold Seep Epifaunal Communities on the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand: Composition, Succession, and Vulnerability to Human Activities

David A. Bowden, Ashley A. Rowden, Andrew R. Thurber, Amy R. Baco, Lisa A. Levin, Craig R. Smith

Microdistribution of Faunal Assemblages at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents in the Southern Ocean

Leigh Marsh, Jonathan T. Copley, Veerle A. I. Huvenne, Katrin Linse, William D. K. Reid, Alex D. Rogers, Christopher J. Sweeting, Paul A. Tyler

Genetic Connectivity between North and South Mid-Atlantic Ridge Chemosynthetic Bivalves and Their Symbionts

Karina van der Heijden, Jillian M. Petersen, Nicole Dubilier, Christian Borowski

Phylogeny and Diversification Patterns among Vesicomyid Bivalves

Carole Decker, Karine Olu, Regina L. Cunha, Sophie Arnaud-Haond

The Discovery of New Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Communities in the Southern Ocean and Implications for Biogeography

Alex D. Rogers, Paul A. Tyler, Douglas P. Connelly, Jon T. Copley, Rachael James, Robert D. Larter, Katrin Linse, Rachel A. Mills, Alfredo Naveira Garabato, Richard D. Pancost, David A. Pearce, Nicholas V. C. Polunin, Christopher R. German, Timothy Shank, Philipp H. Boersch-Supan, Belinda J. Alker, Alfred Aquilina, Sarah A. Bennett, Andrew Clarke, Robert J. J. Dinley, Alastair G. C. Graham, Darryl R. H. Green, Jeffrey A. Hawkes, Laura Hepburn, Ana Hilario, Veerle A. I. Huvenne, Leigh Marsh, Eva Ramirez-Llodra, William D. K. Reid, Christopher N. Roterman, Christopher J. Sweeting, Sven Thatje, Katrin Zwirglmaier

Diversity of Meiofauna from the 9°50′N East Pacific Rise across a Gradient of Hydrothermal Fluid Emissions

Sabine Gollner, Barbara Riemer, Pedro Martínez Arbizu, Nadine Le Bris, Monika Bright

Biogeography and Potential Exchanges Among the Atlantic Equatorial Belt Cold-Seep Faunas

Karine Olu, Erik E. Cordes, Charles R. Fisher, James M. Brooks, Myriam Sibuet, Daniel Desbruyères

Extracellular and Mixotrophic Symbiosis in the Whale-Fall Mussel Adipicola pacifica: A Trend in Evolution from Extra- to Intracellular Symbiosis

Yoshihiro Fujiwara, Masaru Kawato, Chikayo Noda, Gin Kinoshita, Toshiro Yamanaka, Yuko Fujita, Katsuyuki Uematsu, Jun-Ichi Miyazaki

Evolutionary Process of Deep-Sea Bathymodiolus Mussels

Jun-Ichi Miyazaki, Leonardo de Oliveira Martins, Yuko Fujita, Hiroto Matsumoto, Yoshihiro Fujiwara