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Altmetrics is the study and use of non-traditional scholarly impact measures that are based on activity in web-based environments. As scholarship increasingly moves online, these metrics track associated interactions and activity to generate fine-grained data, allowing researchers and policy makers to create a higher resolution picture of the reach and impact of academic research.

Altmetrics research seeks to build and track a rich, holistic image of impact on diverse audiences (general public as well as scholars) and monitors diverse types of engagement with scholarship, including viewership, discussion, bookmarking, and recommendation, along with traditional citation.

The PLOS ONE Altmetrics Collection gathers an emerging body of research to seed further study and use of altmetrics. As an ever-growing collection, it aims to continually cover a range of subjects including statistical analysis of altmetrics data sources; metric validation, and identification of biases in measurements; validation of models of scientific discovery/recommendation based on altmetrics; qualitative research describing the scholarly use of online tools and environments; empirically-supported theory guiding altmetrics' uses; and other research relating to scholarly impact in online tools and environments. The Collection is open to all authors who wish to submit research in these areas.

Articles are presented in order of publication date and new articles will be added to the Collection as they are published. Further information on altmetrics can be found at

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The Altmetrics Collection

Jason Priem, Paul Groth, Dario Taraborelli



Research Articles

I Like, I Cite? Do Facebook Likes Predict the Impact of Scientific Work?

Stefanie Ringelhan, Jutta Wollersheim, Isabell M. Welpe

Astrophysicists’ Conversational Connections on Twitter

Kim Holmberg, Timothy D. Bowman, Stefanie Haustein, Isabella Peters

Is Content Really King? An Objective Analysis of the Public's Response to Medical Videos on YouTube

Tejas Desai, Afreen Shariff, Vibhu Dhingra, Deeba Minhas, Megan Eure, Mark Kats

Entitymetrics: Measuring the Impact of Entities

Ying Ding, Min Song, Jia Han, Qi Yu, Erjia Yan, Lili Lin, Tamy Chambers

Social Media Release Increases Dissemination of Original Articles in the Clinical Pain Sciences

Heidi G. Allen, Tasha R. Stanton, Flavia Di Pietro, G. Lorimer Moseley

Do Altmetrics Work? Twitter and Ten Other Social Web Services

Mike Thelwall, Stefanie Haustein, Vincent Larivière, Cassidy R. Sugimoto

Research Blogging: Indexing and Registering the Change in Science 2.0

Sibele Fausto, Fabio A. Machado, Luiz Fernando J. Bento, Atila Iamarino, Tatiana R. Nahas, David S. Munger

Identifying Audiences of E-Infrastructures - Tools for Measuring Impact

Daphne Duin, David King, Peter van den Besselaar

Scholarometer: A Social Framework for Analyzing Impact across Disciplines

Jasleen Kaur, Diep Thi Hoang, Xiaoling Sun, Lino Possamai, Mohsen JafariAsbagh, Snehal Patil, Filippo Menczer

Tweeting the Meeting: An In-Depth Analysis of Twitter Activity at Kidney Week 2011

Tejas Desai, Afreen Shariff, Aabid Shariff, Mark Kats, Xiangming Fang, Cynthia Christiano, Maria Ferris

Research Blogs and the Discussion of Scholarly Information

Hadas Shema, Judit Bar-Ilan, Mike Thelwall

Quantifying the Impact and Relevance of Scientific Research

William J. Sutherland, David Goulson, Simon G. Potts, Lynn V. Dicks

A Principal Component Analysis of 39 Scientific Impact Measures

Johan Bollen, Herbert Van de Sompel, Aric Hagberg, Ryan Chute