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Image Credit: Geoffrey M. Attardo, Research Scientist at the Yale School of Public Health
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Tsetse flies are important vectors of human and animal diseases that adversely impact life in sub-Sahara Africa. An international community of tsetse researchers (International Glossina Genome Initiative) has been working to obtain the full genome sequence of the tsetse species Glossina morsitans morsitans. The group has also mined the genome data to advance knowledge on functional aspects of tsetse and African trypanosome biology. This collection contains manuscripts that describe functional findings on tsetse's salivary gland biology, olfactory chemistry, lactation process essential for viviparous reproduction, acquaporin proteins that play a role in lactation, oxidative stress responses during pregnancy, gut peritrophic matrix analysis and horizontal transfer events discovered in tsetse's genome from the symbiont Wolbachia. In addition two manuscripts reflect on the unique historical aspects of sleeping sickness epidemics that have plagues sub-Sahara in the 20th century. These papers are published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, PLOS Genetics, and PLOS ONE, with an additional manuscript appearing in Science.


Human African Trypanosomiasis Research Gets a Boost: Unraveling the Tsetse Genome

Serap Aksoy, Geoffrey Attardo, Matt Berriman, Alan Christoffels, Mike Lehane, Dan Masiga, Yeya Toure

Historical Profiles and Perspectives

International Glossina Genome Initiative 2004–2014: A Driver for Post-Genomic Era Research on the African Continent

Alan Christoffels, Dan Masiga, Matthew Berriman, Mike Lehane, Yeya Touré, Serap Aksoy

The Legacies of Eugène Jamot and La Jamotique

Francois-Xavier Mbopi-Keou, Laurent Bélec, Jean-Marie Milleliri, Chong-Gee Teo

Research Articles

A Novel Highly Divergent Protein Family Identified from a Viviparous Insect by RNA-seq Analysis: A Potential Target for Tsetse Fly-Specific Abortifacients

Joshua B. Benoit, Geoffrey M. Attardo, Veronika Michalkova, Tyler B. Krause, Jana Bohova, Qirui Zhang, Aaron A. Baumann, Paul O. Mireji, Peter Takáč, David L. Denlinger, Jose M. Ribeiro, Serap Aksoy

Aquaporins Are Critical for Provision of Water during Lactation and Intrauterine Progeny Hydration to Maintain Tsetse Fly Reproductive Success

Joshua B. Benoit, Immo A. Hansen, Geoffrey M. Attardo, Veronika Michalková, Paul O. Mireji, Joel L. Bargul, Lisa L. Drake, Daniel K. Masiga, Serap Aksoy

The Homeodomain Protein Ladybird Late Regulates Synthesis of Milk Proteins during Pregnancy in the Tsetse Fly (Glossina morsitans)

Geoffrey M. Attardo, Joshua B. Benoit, Veronika Michalkova, Kevin R. Patrick, Tyler B. Krause, Serap Aksoy

Insights into the Trypanosome-Host Interactions Revealed through Transcriptomic Analysis of Parasitized Tsetse Fly Salivary Glands

Erich Loza Telleria, Joshua B. Benoit, Xin Zhao, Amy F. Savage, Sandesh Regmi, Thiago Luiz Alves e Silva, Michelle O'Neill, Serap Aksoy

Odorant and Gustatory Receptors in the Tsetse Fly Glossina morsitans morsitans

George F. O. Obiero, Paul O. Mireji, Steven R. G. Nyanjom, Alan Christoffels, Hugh M. Robertson, Daniel K. Masiga

An Investigation into the Protein Composition of the Teneral Glossina morsitans morsitans Peritrophic Matrix

Clair Rose, Rodrigo Belmonte, Stuart D. Armstrong, Gemma Molyneux, Lee R. Haines, Michael J. Lehane, Jonathan Wastling, Alvaro Acosta-Serrano

Presence of Extensive Wolbachia Symbiont Insertions Discovered in the Genome of Its Host Glossina morsitans morsitans

Corey Brelsfoard, George Tsiamis, Marco Falchetto, Ludvik M. Gomulski, Erich Telleria, Uzma Alam, Vangelis Doudoumis, Francesca Scolari, Joshua B. Benoit, Martin Swain, Peter Takac, Anna R. Malacrida, Kostas Bourtzis, Serap Aksoy

Amelioration of Reproduction-Associated Oxidative Stress in a Viviparous Insect Is Critical to Prevent Reproductive Senescence

Veronika Michalkova, Joshua B. Benoit, Geoffrey M. Attardo, Jan Medlock, Serap Aksoy