Table of Contents: PLoS Pathogens and PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Twinning Collection


Image Credit: Boris Striepen, PLoS Pathogens (2007)
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PLoS Pathogens and PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases present a collection of primary research articles on topics spanning these sister journals, including: proteomics, kinetoplastids, insect vectors, genomics, and transcriptomics within the context of the NTDs. From the bench to the field, this collection aims to provide the complete picture on the latest research affecting drug discovery, public health policy, and more.


Research Articles

Quantitative High-Throughput Screen Identifies Inhibitors of the Schistosoma mansoni Redox Cascade

Anton Simeonov, Ajit Jadhav, Ahmed A. Sayed, Yuhong Wang, Michael E. Nelson, Craig J. Thomas, James Inglese, David L. Williams, Christopher P. Austin

The Transcriptome of the Human Pathogen Trypanosoma brucei at Single-Nucleotide Resolution

Nikolay G. Kolev, Joseph B. Franklin, Shai Carmi, Huafang Shi, Shulamit Michaeli, Christian Tschudi

Polymorphisms in Anopheles gambiae Immune Genes Associated with Natural Resistance to Plasmodium falciparum

Caroline Harris, Louis Lambrechts, Fran├žois Rousset, Luc Abate, Sandrine E. Nsango, Didier Fontenille, Isabelle Morlais, Anna Cohuet

A Systems-Based Analysis of Plasmodium vivax Lifecycle Transcription from Human to Mosquito

Scott J. Westenberger, Colleen M. McClean, Rana Chattopadhyay, Neekesh V. Dharia, Jane M. Carlton, John W. Barnwell, William E. Collins, Stephen L. Hoffman, Yingyao Zhou, Joseph M. Vinetz, Elizabeth A. Winzeler