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The January 2012 issue of PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases presents an Editorial, a Viewpoint, and two accompanying Expert Commentaries that focus on the application of genetically modified (GM) insects for control of animal and plant diseases. These articles describe the technological advances these tools represent, the regulatory framework, and the societal dialogue that is necessary for their wide-scale application for disease control. Here, we have assembled a collection of articles recently published in the PLoS journals that describe the technical and applied aspects of GM insects. We have also included articles that are not strictly GM, but aim to modify the disease transmission traits of insects through the use of symbiotic microbes.

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Scientific Standards and the Regulation of Genetically Modified Insects

R. Guy Reeves, Jai A. Denton, Fiammetta Santucci, Jarosław Bryk, Floyd A. Reed

Expert Commentaries

Appropriate Regulation of GM Insects

Luke Alphey, Camilla Beech

Research Articles

Engineered Anopheles Immunity to Plasmodium Infection

Yuemei Dong, Suchismita Das, Chris Cirimotich, Jayme A. Souza-Neto, Kyle J. McLean, George Dimopoulos

Transcriptome Analysis of Aedes aegypti Transgenic Mosquitoes with Altered Immunity

Zhen Zou, Jayme Souza-Neto, Zhiyong Xi, Vladimir Kokoza, Sang Woon Shin, George Dimopoulos, Alexander Raikhel

Field Performance of a Genetically Engineered Strain of Pink Bollworm

Gregory S. Simmons, Andrew R. McKemey, Neil I. Morrison, Sinead O'Connell, Bruce E. Tabashnik, John Claus, Guoliang Fu, Guolei Tang, Mickey Sledge, Adam S. Walker, Caroline E. Phillips, Ernie D. Miller, Robert I. Rose, Robert T. Staten, Christl A. Donnelly, Luke Alphey

Strategies for Introducing Wolbachia to Reduce Transmission of Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Penelope A. Hancock, Steven P. Sinkins, H. Charles J. Godfray

Engineered Resistance to Plasmodium falciparum Development in Transgenic Anopheles stephensi

Alison T. Isaacs, Fengwu Li, Nijole Jasinskiene, Xiaoguang Chen, Xavier Nirmala, Osvaldo Marinotti, Joseph M. Vinetz, Anthony A. James

Site-Specific Integration and Expression of an Anti-Malarial Gene in Transgenic Anopheles gambiae Significantly Reduces Plasmodium Infections

Janet M. Meredith, Sanjay Basu, Derric D. Nimmo, Isabelle Larget-Thiery, Emma L. Warr, Ann Underhill, Clare C. McArthur, Victoria Carter, Hilary Hurd, Catherine Bourgouin, Paul Eggleston

Wolbachia Stimulates Immune Gene Expression and Inhibits Plasmodium Development in Anopheles gambiae

Zakaria Kambris, Andrew M. Blagborough, Sofia B. Pinto, Marcus S. C. Blagrove, H. Charles J. Godfray, Robert E. Sinden, Steven P. Sinkins

Human Probing Behavior of Aedes aegypti when Infected with a Life-Shortening Strain of Wolbachia

Luciano A. Moreira, Emad Saig, Andrew P. Turley, José M. C. Ribeiro, Scott L. O'Neill, Elizabeth A. McGraw