Table of Contents: PLoS ONE: Stress-Induced Depression and Comorbidities: From Bench to Bedside


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This collection of articles represents the output of a group of international research institutions (informally referred to as EUMOOD) who collaborated around the causal link between stress exposure and depression vulnerability.

Within the collection, preclinical and clinical research papers present an integrated experimental effort, employing a variety of methods and concepts from different disciplines such as biological psychiatry, neuroscience, and neuroendocrinology.

Editorial oversight, and coordination of the peer-review, was provided by Bernhard Baune, PLoS ONE Section Editor for Neuroscience and Psychiatry.

Image Credit: Illustration by Pat Margis (PLoS). Background image courtesy of Charlotte Oomen (Oomen et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0003675). Download the complete collection (3.3MB PDF).


Research Articles

Novel Biochemical Markers of Psychosocial Stress in Women

Marie Åsberg, Åke Nygren, Rosario Leopardi, Gunnar Rylander, Ulla Peterson, Lukas Wilczek, Håkan Källmén, Mirjam Ekstedt, Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Mats Lekander, Rolf Ekman

The Combined Dexamethasone/CRH Test (DEX/CRH Test) and Prediction of Acute Treatment Response in Major Depression

Cornelius Schüle, Thomas C. Baghai, Daniela Eser, Sibylle Häfner, Christoph Born, Sascha Herrmann, Rainer Rupprecht

Rhythmicity in Mice Selected for Extremes in Stress Reactivity: Behavioural, Endocrine and Sleep Changes Resembling Endophenotypes of Major Depression

Chadi Touma, Thomas Fenzl, Jörg Ruschel, Rupert Palme, Florian Holsboer, Mayumi Kimura, Rainer Landgraf

Opposite Effects of Early Maternal Deprivation on Neurogenesis in Male versus Female Rats

Charlotte A. Oomen, Carlos E. N. Girardi, Rudy Cahyadi, Eva C. Verbeek, Harm Krugers, Marian Joëls, Paul J. Lucassen

Regulation of Kainate Receptor Subunit mRNA by Stress and Corticosteroids in the Rat Hippocampus

Richard G. Hunter, Rudy Bellani, Erik Bloss, Ana Costa, Katharine McCarthy, Bruce S. McEwen

Exercise Improves Cognitive Responses to Psychological Stress through Enhancement of Epigenetic Mechanisms and Gene Expression in the Dentate Gyrus

Andrew Collins, Louise E. Hill, Yalini Chandramohan, Daniel Whitcomb, Susanne K. Droste, Johannes M. H. M. Reul

Metabolic Consequences and Vulnerability to Diet-Induced Obesity in Male Mice under Chronic Social Stress

Alessandro Bartolomucci, Aderville Cabassi, Paolo Govoni, Graziano Ceresini, Cheryl Cero, Daniela Berra, Harold Dadomo, Paolo Franceschini, Giacomo Dell'Omo, Stefano Parmigiani, Paola Palanza