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The History of Marine Animal Populations is a global research initiative to study the past ocean life and human interaction with the sea, and is part of the global Census of Marine Life. About 100 researchers have developed an interdisciplinary research program using historical and environmental archives to analyze marine population data before and after human impacts on the ocean became significant. The overall goal is to enhance knowledge and understanding of how the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life in the world's oceans has changed over the long term. The HMAP Collection draws together representative examples of the results of this initiative. Articles are presented in order of publication date and new articles will be added to the Collection as they are published.

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Research Articles

The Future of the Oceans Past: Towards a Global Marine Historical Research Initiative

Kathleen Schwerdtner Máñez, Poul Holm, Louise Blight, Marta Coll, Alison MacDiarmid, Henn Ojaveer, Bo Poulsen, Malcolm Tull

Assessing Fishing and Marine Biodiversity Changes Using Fishers' Perceptions: The Spanish Mediterranean and Gulf of Cadiz Case Study

Marta Coll, Marta Carreras, Cristina Ciércoles, Maria-José Cornax, Giulia Gorelli, Elvira Morote, Raquel Sáez

Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of American Whaling and Whales in the Age of Sail

Tim D. Smith, Randall R. Reeves, Elizabeth A. Josephson, Judith N. Lund

Stable Isotope Evidence for Late Medieval (14th–15th C) Origins of the Eastern Baltic Cod (Gadus morhua) Fishery

David C. Orton, Daniel Makowiecki, Tessa de Roo, Cluny Johnstone, Jennifer Harland, Leif Jonsson, Dirk Heinrich, Inge Bødker Enghoff, Lembi Lõugas, Wim Van Neer, Anton Ervynck, Anne Karin Hufthammer, Colin Amundsen, Andrew K. G. Jones, Alison Locker, Sheila Hamilton-Dyer, Peter Pope, Brian R. MacKenzie, Michael Richards, Tamsin C. O'Connell, James H. Barrett

Historical Reconstruction Reveals Recovery in Hawaiian Coral Reefs

John N. Kittinger, John M. Pandolfi, Jonathan H. Blodgett, Terry L. Hunt, Hong Jiang, Kepā Maly, Loren E. McClenachan, Jennifer K. Schultz, Bruce A. Wilcox

Estimating Trends of Population Decline in Long-Lived Marine Species in the Mediterranean Sea Based on Fishers' Perceptions

Francesc Maynou, Mario Sbrana, Paolo Sartor, Christos Maravelias, Stefanos Kavadas, Dimitros Damalas, Joan E. Cartes, Giacomo Osio

Could Seals Prevent Cod Recovery in the Baltic Sea?

Brian R. MacKenzie, Margit Eero, Henn Ojaveer

Coding Early Naturalists' Accounts into Long-Term Fish Community Changes in the Adriatic Sea (1800–2000)

Tomaso Fortibuoni, Simone Libralato, Saša Raicevich, Otello Giovanardi, Cosimo Solidoro

The History of Makassan Trepang Fishing and Trade

Kathleen Schwerdtner Máñez, Sebastian C. A. Ferse