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This collection focuses on a rapidly evolving field in which the study of both species-specific and ubiquitous aging mechanisms informs the biological process of aging. Yet the field is not without substantial controversy. Differing views arise as we come to understand aging across model systems — from bacteria to humans.

Collection Editors: Nicholas Katsanis (Duke University) and Susan M. Rosenberg (Baylor College of Medicine).

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Image Credit: The Keane family, PLoS Biology 4(4): e119.


An Age-Old Problem

Nicholas Katsanis, Susan M Rosenberg



The Role of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Mammalian Aging

Gregory C Kujoth, Patrick C Bradshaw, Suraiya Haroon, Tomas A Prolla

Recent Developments in Yeast Aging

Matt Kaeberlein, Christopher R Burtner, Brian K Kennedy