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PLoS Medicine's October 2006 issue contained a special collection of eleven magazine articles and five research papers devoted entirely to social medicine. The collection featured many of the leaders in the field, including Paul Farmer, Arthur Kleinman, David Satcher, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Dorothy Porter, and Leon Eisenberg.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has conducted interviews with two of the authors of papers in this collection, David Satcher and Paul Farmer.

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The PLoS Medicine Debate


Health Is Still Social: Contemporary Examples in the Age of the Genome

Timothy H Holtz, Seth Holmes, Scott Stonington, Leon Eisenberg

Policy Forums

Structural Violence and Clinical Medicine

Paul E Farmer, Bruce Nizeye, Sara Stulac, Salmaan Keshavjee

Student Forum

Research Articles

Indigenous Health and Socioeconomic Status in India

S. V Subramanian, George Davey Smith, Malavika Subramanyam

Reinterpreting Ethnic Patterns among White and African American Men Who Inject Heroin: A Social Science of Medicine Approach

Philippe Bourgois, Alexis Martinez, Alex Kral, Brian R Edlin, Jeff Schonberg, Dan Ciccarone