Table of Contents: Investigating the Impact of Treatment on New HIV Infections


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The HIV Modelling Consortium aims to strengthen the support that mathematical modelling and related quantitative disciplines can provide to global decision-making in HIV. In November 2011 the HIV Modelling Consortium held a meeting in South Africa to focus on the cross-cutting issues of the impact of new scientific findings about HIV treatment preventing new infections. The group considered the feasibility of interventions, potential epidemiological impact, affordability, and new scientific observational studies and community trials. The nine reviews and one research article which comprise this collection arose from that meeting and provide insights into the factors which will support evidence-based decision-making in HIV prevention, with a focus on the use of antiretroviral treatment to prevent HIV transmission.

The collection is produced with support from the HIV Modelling Consortium, which was funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Collection Editor is Dr. Kamran Abbasi, and the Academic Editors are Dr. John Bartlett and Dr. David R. Bangsberg. The PLoS Medicine editors have sole editorial responsibility for the content of this collection. The views expressed in this collection are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the agencies represented, including US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), PEPFAR, UNAIDS, WHO or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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HIV Treatment as Prevention: Models, Data, and Questions—Towards Evidence-Based Decision-Making

The HIV Modelling Consortium Treatment as Prevention Editorial Writing Group

HIV Treatment as Prevention: Issues in Economic Evaluation

Till Bärnighausen, Joshua A. Salomon, Nalinee Sangrujee

HIV Treatment as Prevention: Optimising the Impact of Expanded HIV Treatment Programmes

Wim Delva, Jeffrey W. Eaton, Fei Meng, Christophe Fraser, Richard G. White, Peter Vickerman, Marie-Claude Boily, Timothy B. Hallett

HIV Treatment as Prevention: Debate and Commentary—Will Early Infection Compromise Treatment-as-Prevention Strategies?

Myron S. Cohen, Christopher Dye, Christophe Fraser, William C. Miller, Kimberly A. Powers, Brian G. Williams

HIV Treatment as Prevention: The Utility and Limitations of Ecological Observation

M. Kumi Smith, Kimberly A. Powers, Kathryn E. Muessig, William C. Miller, Myron S. Cohen

HIV Treatment as Prevention: Considerations in the Design, Conduct, and Analysis of Cluster Randomized Controlled Trials of Combination HIV Prevention

Marie-Claude Boily, Benoît Mâsse, Ramzi Alsallaq, Nancy S. Padian, Jeffrey W. Eaton, Juan F. Vesga, Timothy B. Hallett

HIV Treatment as Prevention: Principles of Good HIV Epidemiology Modelling for Public Health Decision-Making in All Modes of Prevention and Evaluation

Wim Delva, David P. Wilson, Laith Abu-Raddad, Marelize Gorgens, David Wilson, Timothy B. Hallett, Alex Welte

Research Article

HIV Treatment as Prevention: Systematic Comparison of Mathematical Models of the Potential Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy on HIV Incidence in South Africa

Jeffrey W. Eaton, Leigh F. Johnson, Joshua A. Salomon, Till Bärnighausen, Eran Bendavid, Anna Bershteyn, David E. Bloom, Valentina Cambiano, Christophe Fraser, Jan A. C. Hontelez, Salal Humair, Daniel J. Klein, Elisa F. Long, Andrew N. Phillips, Carel Pretorius, John Stover, Edward A. Wenger, Brian G. Williams, Timothy B. Hallett