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In several recent PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases papers on rabies — marking the third anniversary of World Rabies Day — scientists describe the situation of canine rabies control in developing countries, as well as various recent advances in the development of vaccines and treatments that will contribute to the elimination of human deaths from rabies.

Photo Credit: Brian M. Bjorklund (USDA, APHIS, Wildlife Services MA/CT/RI).


Rabies in the 21st Century

William H. Wunner, Deborah J. Briggs


Novel Vaccines to Human Rabies

Hildegund C. J. Ertl

Emerging Technologies for the Detection of Rabies Virus: Challenges and Hopes in the 21st Century

Anthony R. Fooks, Nicholas Johnson, Conrad M. Freuling, Philip R. Wakeley, Ashley C. Banyard, Lorraine M. McElhinney, Denise A. Marston, Akbar Dastjerdi, Edward Wright, Robin A. Weiss, Thomas Müller

Oral Rabies Vaccination in North America: Opportunities, Complexities, and Challenges

Dennis Slate, Timothy P. Algeo, Kathleen M. Nelson, Richard B. Chipman, Dennis Donovan, Jesse D. Blanton, Michael Niezgoda, Charles E. Rupprecht

Research Articles

Development of a Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Cocktail for Post-exposure Rabies Prophylaxis in Humans

Thomas Müller, Bernhard Dietzschold, Hildegund Ertl, Anthony R. Fooks, Conrad Freuling, Christine Fehlner-Gardiner, Jeannette Kliemt, Francois X. Meslin, Charles E. Rupprecht, Noël Tordo, Alexander I. Wanderler, Marie Paule Kieny

The Feasibility of Canine Rabies Elimination in Africa: Dispelling Doubts with Data

Tiziana Lembo, Katie Hampson, Magai T. Kaare, Eblate Ernest, Darryn Knobel, Rudovick R. Kazwala, Daniel T. Haydon, Sarah Cleaveland