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Recognizing the need for training and education in bioinformatics and computational biology specifically targeted to biologists, PLOS Computational Biology launched its Education section in January 2006. The goals are to provide practical tutorials and background information on important computational methods used to investigate key biological questions as well as resources for training scientists at all stages of their careers. New articles are added to the Education collection as they are published.

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For Education articles devoted to teaching bioinformatics in secondary schools visit the Bioinformatics: Starting Early collection:

Visit the Translational Bioinformatics collection for an introductory textbook to the field:


Education in Computational Biology Today and Tomorrow

Joanne A. Fox, B. F. Francis Ouellette

Ten Simple Rules for Developing a Short Bioinformatics Training Course

Allegra Via, Javier De Las Rivas, Teresa K. Attwood, David Landsman, Michelle D. Brazas, Jack A. M. Leunissen, Anna Tramontano, Maria Victoria Schneider

Education Articles

Informatics for RNA Sequencing: A Web Resource for Analysis on the Cloud

Malachi Griffith, Jason R. Walker, Nicholas C. Spies, Benjamin J. Ainscough, Obi L. Griffith

Integrating Interactive Computational Modeling in Biology Curricula

Tomáš Helikar, Christine E. Cutucache, Lauren M. Dahlquist, Tyler A. Herek, Joshua J. Larson, Jim A. Rogers

A Quick Guide for Building a Successful Bioinformatics Community

Aidan Budd, Manuel Corpas, Michelle D. Brazas, Jonathan C. Fuller, Jeremy Goecks, Nicola J. Mulder, Magali Michaut, B. F. Francis Ouellette, Aleksandra Pawlik, Niklas Blomberg

“Bioinformatics: Introduction and Methods,” a Bilingual Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) as a New Example for Global Bioinformatics Education

Yang Ding, Meng Wang, Yao He, Adam Yongxin Ye, Xiaoxu Yang, Fenglin Liu, Yuqi Meng, Ge Gao, Liping Wei

Teaching Bioinformatics in Concert

Anya L. Goodman, Alex Dekhtyar

Web-Based Computational Chemistry Education with CHARMMing I: Lessons and Tutorial

Benjamin T. Miller, Rishi P. Singh, Vinushka Schalk, Yuri Pevzner, Jingjun Sun, Carrie S. Miller, Stefan Boresch, Toshiko Ichiye, Bernard R. Brooks, H. Lee Woodcock III

Web-Based Computational Chemistry Education with CHARMMing II: Coarse-Grained Protein Folding

Frank C. Pickard IV, Benjamin T. Miller, Vinushka Schalk, Michael G. Lerner, H. Lee Woodcock III, Bernard R. Brooks

Web-Based Computational Chemistry Education with CHARMMing III: Reduction Potentials of Electron Transfer Proteins

B. Scott Perrin Jr, Benjamin T. Miller, Vinushka Schalk, H. Lee Woodcock, Bernard R. Brooks, Toshiko Ichiye

A Quick Guide to Genomics and Bioinformatics Training for Clinical and Public Audiences

Michelle D. Brazas, Fran Lewitter, Maria Victoria Schneider, Celia W. G. van Gelder, Patricia M. Palagi

Practical Guidelines for the Comprehensive Analysis of ChIP-seq Data

Timothy Bailey, Pawel Krajewski, Istvan Ladunga, Celine Lefebvre, Qunhua Li, Tao Liu, Pedro Madrigal, Cenny Taslim, Jie Zhang

Visual Data Mining of Biological Networks: One Size Does Not Fit All

Chiara Pastrello, David Otasek, Kristen Fortney, Giuseppe Agapito, Mario Cannataro, Elize Shirdel, Igor Jurisica

Visualization and Analysis of 3D Microscopic Images

Fuhui Long, Jianlong Zhou, Hanchuan Peng

Integrating Bioinformatics Tools to Handle Glycosylation

Yuliet Mazola, Glay Chinea, Alexis Musacchio

BeadArray Expression Analysis Using Bioconductor

Matthew E. Ritchie, Mark J. Dunning, Mike L. Smith, Wei Shi, Andy G. Lynch

Biomedical Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

Vincent A. Fusaro, Prasad Patil, Erik Gafni, Dennis P. Wall, Peter J. Tonellato

Pattern Recognition Software and Techniques for Biological Image Analysis

Lior Shamir, John D. Delaney, Nikita Orlov, D. Mark Eckley, Ilya G. Goldberg

An Introduction to Biomolecular Graphics

Cameron Mura, Colin M. McCrimmon, Jason Vertrees, Michael R. Sawaya

A Quick Guide to Large-Scale Genomic Data Mining

Curtis Huttenhower, Oliver Hofmann

A Primer on Regression Methods for Decoding cis-Regulatory Logic

Debopriya Das, Matteo Pellegrini, Joe W. Gray

Analyzing ChIP-chip Data Using Bioconductor

Joern Toedling, Wolfgang Huber

Support Vector Machines and Kernels for Computational Biology

Asa Ben-Hur, Cheng Soon Ong, Sören Sonnenburg, Bernhard Schölkopf, Gunnar Rätsch

Advanced Genomic Data Mining

Xosé M. Fernández-Suárez, Ewan Birney

A Quick Guide for Computer-Assisted Instruction in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Manuel João Costa, Eduardo Galembeck, Guilherme A. Marson, Bayardo B. Torres

A Primer on Learning in Bayesian Networks for Computational Biology

Chris J Needham, James R Bradford, Andrew J Bulpitt, David R Westhead

Introduction to Computational Proteomics

Jacques Colinge, Keiryn L Bennett

Machine Learning and Its Applications to Biology

Adi L Tarca, Vincent J Carey, Xue-wen Chen, Roberto Romero, Sorin Drăghici