Table of Contents: Are Drug Companies Living Up to Their Human Rights Responsibilities? Three Viewpoints


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In September 2010, the PLoS Medicine Debate asks whether drug companies are living up to their human rights responsibilities. Sofia Gruskin and Zyde Raad from the Harvard School of Public Health say more assessment is needed of such responsibilities; Geralyn Ritter, Vice President of Global Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility at Merck & Co. argues that multiple stakeholders could do more to help States deliver the right to health; and Paul Hunt and Rajat Khosla introduce Mr. Hunt's work as the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health (2002-2008), regarding the human rights responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies and access to medicines.

In their accompanying editorial, the PLoS Medicine Editors argue that drug companies should be held much more accountable for their human rights responsibilities.


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