Table of Contents: The Mice Drawer System Experiment and the Space Endurance Record-Breaking Mice


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The ability to live for long periods in the absence of normal gravity (G) requires comprehensive understanding of structural and functional changes that occur in the bodies of humans and other mammals. The Italian Space Agency contracted Thales Alenia Space Italia to build a spaceflight payload (Mice Drawer System (MDS)) for mice research on the International Space Station (ISS), including wild type and transgenic strains. The first MDS experiment was launched with the STS-128 Discovery on 28 August 2009, and returned 91 days later on the STS-129 Atlantis. Three of the six mice survived, exhibiting appropriate behavior in flight and appearing in excellent health at landing, and to date became the mammals with the longest exposure to μG other than humans. After the flight, a replica of the experiment, maintaining the MDS at normal gravity (ground controls), was performed in Genova from November 2009 to February 2010. These studies examined changes that occurred in the flight animals in a wide range of physiological systems, such as muscle, bone, organs and glands, blood, brain (and behavior), and neurosensory, and collectively offer an integrative view of the mammal's physiological response to μG. The joint experiments involved scientists from 6 nations, reflecting international collaboration and cooperation to reach a scientific goal.

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The Mice Drawer System (MDS) Experiment and the Space Endurance Record-Breaking Mice

Ranieri Cancedda, Yi Liu, Alessandra Ruggiu, Sara Tavella, Roberta Biticchi, Daniela Santucci, Silvia Schwartz, Paolo Ciparelli, Giancarlo Falcetti, Chiara Tenconi, Vittorio Cotronei, Salvatore Pignataro

Research Articles

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Spaceflight Influences both Mucosal and Peripheral Cytokine Production in PTN-Tg and Wild Type Mice

Justin L. McCarville, Sandra T. Clarke, Padmaja Shastri, Yi Liu, Martin Kalmokoff, Stephen P. J. Brooks, Julia M. Green-Johnson

Loss of Parafollicular Cells during Gravitational Changes (Microgravity, Hypergravity) and the Secret Effect of Pleiotrophin

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Evaluation of Gene, Protein and Neurotrophin Expression in the Brain of Mice Exposed to Space Environment for 91 Days

Daniela Santucci, Fuminori Kawano, Takashi Ohira, Masahiro Terada, Naoya Nakai, Nadia Francia, Enrico Alleva, Luigi Aloe, Toshimasa Ochiai, Ranieri Cancedda, Katsumasa Goto, Yoshinobu Ohira

The Impact of Long-Term Exposure to Space Environment on Adult Mammalian Organisms: A Study on Mouse Thyroid and Testis

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Bone Turnover in Wild Type and Pleiotrophin-Transgenic Mice Housed for Three Months in the International Space Station (ISS)

Sara Tavella, Alessandra Ruggiu, Alessandra Giuliani, Francesco Brun, Barbara Canciani, Adrian Manescu, Katia Marozzi, Michele Cilli, Delfina Costa, Yi Liu, Federica Piccardi, Roberta Tasso, Giuliana Tromba, Franco Rustichelli, Ranieri Cancedda

Effects of Long-Term Space Flight on Erythrocytes and Oxidative Stress of Rodents

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