Table of Contents: PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases: Visceral Leishmaniasis and HIV Co-Infection


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HIV has been identified as one of the emerging challenges for visceral leishmaniasis (VL) control. HIV infection dramatically increases the risk of progression from asymptomatic infection towards disease (VL) and VL accelerates HIV disease progression. Whereas HIV has contributed to the re-emergence of VL in Europe in the 90's, this problem is now increasingly being reported globally and is especially severe in some areas of Eastern Africa, in particular north Ethiopia where up to 40% of patients with VL are co-infected with HIV. The problem is also on the rise in South-America and the Indian subcontinent.

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases has dedicated a special collection to VL-HIV co-infection in collaboration with Johan van Griensven, Ed Zijlstra and Asrat Hailu. Besides a number of commissioned reviews, this collection is open to any paper with a primary focus on VL-HIV co-infection. This includes, but is not limited to, basic and molecular work, immunological and diagnostic studies, clinical studies, and public health aspects. Operational and implementation research studies and articles for the magazine section are also included.


Visceral Leishmaniasis and HIV Coinfection: Time for Concerted Action

Johan van Griensven, Ed E. Zijlstra, Asrat Hailu


Visceral Leishmaniasis as an AIDS Defining Condition: Towards Consistency across WHO Guidelines

Johan van Griensven, Koert Ritmeijer, Lutgarde Lynen, Ermias Diro


Visceral Leishmaniasis and HIV Coinfection in the Mediterranean Region

Begoña Monge-Maillo, Francesca F. Norman, Israel Cruz, Jorge Alvar, Rogelio López-Vélez

A Screen-and-Treat Strategy Targeting Visceral Leishmaniasis in HIV-Infected Individuals in Endemic East African Countries: The Way Forward?

Johan van Griensven, Ermias Diro, Rogelio Lopez-Velez, Koert Ritmeijer, Marleen Boelaert, Ed E. Zijlstra, Asrat Hailu, Lutgarde Lynen

Visceral Leishmaniasis and HIV Coinfection in East Africa

Ermias Diro, Lutgarde Lynen, Koert Ritmeijer, Marleen Boelaert, Asrat Hailu, Johan van Griensven

Research Articles

Visceral Leishmaniasis and HIV Co-infection in Bihar, India: Long-term Effectiveness and Treatment Outcomes with Liposomal Amphotericin B (AmBisome)

Sakib Burza, Raman Mahajan, Prabhat K. Sinha, Johan van Griensven, Krishna Pandey, María Angeles Lima, Marta Gonzalez Sanz, Temmy Sunyoto, Sunil Kumar, Gaurab Mitra, Ranjeet Kumar, Neena Verma, Pradeep Das

High Parasitological Failure Rate of Visceral Leishmaniasis to Sodium Stibogluconate among HIV Co-infected Adults in Ethiopia

Ermias Diro, Lutgarde Lynen, Rezika Mohammed, Marleen Boelaert, Asrat Hailu, Johan van Griensven

Leishmania-HIV Co-infection: Clinical Presentation and Outcomes in an Urban Area in Brazil

Gláucia F. Cota, Marcos R. de Sousa, Andrea Laender Pessoa de Mendonça, Allan Patrocinio, Luiza Siqueira Assunção, Sidnei Rodrigues de Faria, Ana Rabello

MicroRNA Expression Profile in Human Macrophages in Response to Leishmania major Infection

Julien Lemaire, Ghada Mkannez, Fatma Z. Guerfali, Cindy Gustin, Hanène Attia, Rabiaa M. Sghaier, Koussay Dellagi, Dhafer Laouini, Patricia Renard , Sysco-Consortium

Arginase Activity in the Blood of Patients with Visceral Leishmaniasis and HIV Infection

Yegnasew Takele, Tamrat Abebe, Teklu Weldegebreal, Asrat Hailu, Workagegnehu Hailu, Zewdu Hurissa, Jemal Ali, Ermiyas Diro, Yifru Sisay, Tom Cloke, Manuel Modolell, Markus Munder, Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier, Ingrid Müller, Pascale Kropf

Leishmania Induces Survival, Proliferation and Elevated Cellular dNTP Levels in Human Monocytes Promoting Acceleration of HIV Co-Infection

David J. Mock, Joseph A. Hollenbaugh, Waaqo Daddacha, Michael G. Overstreet, Chris A. Lazarski, Deborah J. Fowell, Baek Kim