Census of Marine Life Collections

The Census of Marine Life Collections present research from the Census of Marine Life (CoML), which is a ten-year initiative intended to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of marine life in the world's oceans—past, present and future. As with all of our content, all material within collections is published under a Creative Commons Attribution License; hence users can, with attribution, download, print, or reuse in any way either individual articles or entire collections.

Much of the research reported within the articles published in these collections was conducted under the auspices of the Census of Marine Life (CoML)—a project supported by (among others) The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The named PLOS editor for each article had sole responsibility for the publication decision on the paper.


Additional articles:

Making marine life count: A new baseline for policy

Using Satellite Tracking to Optimize Protection of Long-Lived Marine Species: Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Conservation in Central Africa

Macrobenthic Biomass Relations in the Faroe-Shetland Channel: An Arctic-Atlantic Boundary Environment

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Shifting baselines, local impacts, and global change on coral reefs

Baselines and Degradation of Coral Reefs in the Northern Line Islands

Long-Term GPS Tracking of Ocean Sunfish Mola mola Offers a New Direction in Fish Monitoring

Feeding Ecology of Coryphaenoides rupestris from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Human Activities on the Deep Seafloor in the North East Atlantic: An Assessment of Spatial Extent

A Method for Studying Protistan Diversity Using Massively Parallel Sequencing of V9 Hypervariable Regions of Small-Subunit Ribosomal RNA Genes

Threatened Corals Provide Underexplored Microbial Habitats