Synthetic Biology Collection

Synthetic Biology is an emerging, trans-disciplinary field at the intersection between many engineering and scientific disciplines such as biology, chemical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, or computer science.

The Collection has been organized into broad categories focused on DNA synthesis and assembly techniques, the development of libraries for biological parts, the use of synthetic biology in protein engineering applications, work focussing on synthetic life and multicellular systems, gene editing, and the engineering of gene regulatory networks and metabolic pathways. Finally, we include sections that describe enabling technologies such as software and modeling, along with new methods and instrumentation.

Articles in the Synthetic Biology Collection are presented in order of publication date and new articles will be added as they are published. PLOS welcomes submissions in this field.

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The PLOS ONE Synthetic Biology Collection: Six Years and Counting
Jean Peccoud, Mark Isalan
PLOS ONE: published August 15, 2012 | info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0043231

Synthetic Biology: Mapping the Scientific Landscape
Paul Oldham, Stephen Hall, Geoff Burton
PLOS ONE: published April 23, 2012 | info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0034368

The Synthetic Biology Collection is curated by

Dr. Jean Peccoud, Associate Professor, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech
Dr. Mark Isalan, Reader in Systems and Synthetic Biology, Imperial College London.